Harris + Hoole, the Tesco-backed coffee chain, is trialling an integrated digital payment system in a number of its stores.

Speaking at the Allegra Restaurant Leader Summit in Cannes, Scilla Grimble, director of Tesco’s new food experiences division, said “phase one” of the digital payment innovation was launched last year with its app.

This allows customers to “check in” when they’re in a store and give the barristas information of their “usual” for speed of service. Customers can also collect loyalty ‘stamps’.

Grimble said: “As you can expect there’s much more to come with this. H+H have already started trialling integrated digital payments in certain sites, so keep and eye out and see what else is going to happen during the course of the year.”

Currently 16 H+H outlets are located within Tesco stores. “It provided a real point of differentiation, a real reason to visit our Tesco store.”

Tesco has earlier announced plans to operate 50 H+H stores within its units this year