Jim Johnstone, the managing director Dunkin’ Brands UK & Ireland, has told M&C Report that he is keen to expand the company’s relationship with Welcome Break.

The company currently has outlets for both its Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts brands at Welcome Break motorway outlets and Johnstone said they had exceeded all expectations.

The company is about to open its seventh Dunkin’ Donuts with Welcome Break of a planned 15 this year.

Johnstone said: “We’re very pleased with partnership and would love to do more. We need to respect that they need space for this but there is certainly scope for this to go on for years. Look at what they have done with Starbucks. As the exposure of Dunkin’ Brands grows I hope Welcome Break and other operators will be keen to work with us.”

He said the two hybrid stores – featuring both the company’s brands – at St Albans and Wood Green had proved a success and more would be considered.

He said: “Our strategy is to add Baskin Robbins where it is appropriate. Putting a Baskin Robbins inside a Dunkin’ Donuts is by no means a given and sometimes it will be more important to have extra seating than an extra offer. Also Baskin Robbins is seen as a premium brand so it will not work everywhere.

“But certainly the next big opening is in Leeds at Merrion Centre and that will have the two concepts. It is the first site with our franchise partner Spring Petrolium and it will be a huge site – more than 100 covers.

Johnstone said the partnership with WH Smith, which sees Dunkin operate cabinets has allowed it to have a presence in high footfall area such as train stations and airports and was working well.

There are currently 13 UK Dunkin’ Donut stores and 10 cabinets. Another 10-15 stores are planned for the rest of the year.