The top 10 Food To Go brands grew sales by 3.4% in 2019 to a market share of 33.6%, outperforming the wider Food to Go (FTG) market, MCA Insight reveals.

The Top 10 brands, which include McDonald’s, Greggs and Pret A Manger, accelerated growth with innovative product development, strategic outlet expansion and targeted M&A activity, MCA’s Food to Go 2020 report finds.

By out of home turnover, McDonald’s, Greggs and Subway made the top five, while KFC, Costa and Pret made the top 10.

Foodservice operators in the Top 10 FTG brands grew sales by 5.6% in 2019, with grocery retail operators growing sales by just 0.7%.

Greggs achieved the highest sales growth of leading FTG operators, growing sales by 14% and its FTG market share by 0.4pp to 4% in 2019.

Tesco remains the largest player in the FTG market, but has seen its share decline by 0.2pp to 6.3% in 2019.

Snack pots were the most popular product type for NPD in 2020, with 23% of new products from leading FTG operators in this container.

Snack pots fit with an evolution of consumer eating habits, for smaller portioned, cheaper and often healthier, on-the-go options

Two fifths of new products were vegan.

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