Tim Hortons and Joe & The Juice are among the fastest growing coffee shop operators, according to the latest MCA Branded Coffee Shops report.

Canadian concept Tim Hortons led the way in terms of forecast percentage growth by number of outlets, with site numbers set to increase by 61.5% to 21 coffee shops by December 2018. This compared to estimated growth of 40.5% for Esquires, to reach 52 sites.

While Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, is set to reach 25 outlets by December 2018, growing its estate by 38.9% across London, Manchester and Bristol.

When ranked by the fastest UK coffee shop operators by turnover, Joe & The Juice was in poll position, achieving growth of 35% (to £21.7m) in 2017. Coffee Republic was the second leading brand by sales growth, with turnover increasing by 31.2% to £15.6m. In third place Coffee #1 experienced turnover growth of 23.4% in 2017, to £28.1m.

The report predicted that the overall UK branded coffee market is set to grow by 5.6% - to reach a total of 5,017 sites – by the end of 2018, driven by the sustained expansion of Costa, Starbucks and Caffè Nero, but also by newer market entrants.

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