A third of all visits to pubs are now driven by deals or promotions, according to the latest figures from NPD.

Its Pub Watch tracker found that visits prompted by deal and promotions rose by 5.7% for the year ending December 2014 and now drive 32.2% of all visits.

The tracker shows a continued increase in meal occasions prompted by children, with a 0.7% increase in kids’ parties, now representing 20.2% of all pub meal occasions.

However, adult-only meal occasions were up 1% year-on-year, in contrast to the latest Pub Watch figures for the year ending September when the category fell by 1%.

The research shows a further increase of 0.9% in weekday visits to the pub and a small climb of 0.2% in weekend visits.

Analysis of day parts shows dinner accounting for 40.6% of pub visits and 49.9% of sales (compared to 40.6% and 50.2% respectively for the year ending September); lunch making up 36.2% of visits and 35.9% of sales (September: 35.8% and 35.6%) and breakfast delivering 8% visits and 4.8% sales (September: 7.8% and 4.5%).

The Pub Watch shows ABC1 socio-economic groups increased their share of traffic at branded pubs by 3.5 percentage points and now account for 60.4% of branded pub traffic (September: 56.2%).