More than 60% of the general public would support the use of vaccine passports if it meant that venues were allowed to life social distancing restrictions, a poll from The Times has found.

The survey, undertaken by YouGov, found there was strong support for the use of Covid status certificates in every setting except shops. However it found that a significant minority would be reluctant to visit pubs and restaurants if they had to provide a so-called passport.

The government has given mixed messages about the use of these certificates, but has said they “could play a role in reducing social-distancing requirements”, but they are not required when hospitality opens its door to outside trading today (12 April), or from 17 May when indoor trading resumes.

Fifty-four percent were in favour of the use of vaccine passports for restaurants, while 39% were against the idea, while 57% were in favour of their use for bars and pubs.