More than a quarter (27%) of businesses in the food service and accommodation sector have reported lower than normal stock levels, with 9% reporting they have been unable to get the goods they need in the past two weeks, according to the latest ONS data.

Compiled from its fortnightly Business Insights and Conditions Survey, the data revealed that less than half of businesses in the hospitality sector (46.2%) reported that they could get all the goods and services they needed, with 11.4% managing to but only by changing suppliers or finding alternative solutions.

This compares to an average of 7% being unable to secure the materials, goods and services they need across all industries. The hospitality sector reported the largest percentage of businesses that indicated stock levels were lower than normal.

The problems caused by supply shortages have been widely reported over the past few weeks, with Nando’s, KFC and McDonald’s all experiencing shortfalls in key menu items, such as chicken, milkshakes and bottled drinks, as well as packaging.

While the Daily Mail reported yesterday that customers have been walking out of some restaurants, including Zizzi’s due to lack of items on the menu such as red wine, beer and Coca Cola.