Consumers rate leading managed pub chains higher than restaurant brands in customer service, friendliness and speed, according to the latest analysis from Allegra Foodservice.

The findings, which are based on the crucial higher spend dinner occasion and covers operators featured on Allegra’s Restaurant Brand Portal and data from its EatingOut Panel, found that managed pub chains scored an average of 8.37 out of 10 for friendly service, compared with 8.32 for key restaurant brands, across 2013.

Managed pubs also beat restaurant brands on average for speed of service, scoring 7.80 compared with 7.75, which the company said recognised the improvements pubs have made in their kitchen practices and order procedures to meet the efficiency levels of many restaurant operators.

Toby Carvery ranked highest among both pub and restaurant brands in service friendliness, scoring an annual average of 8.66. YO! Sushi is recognised as delivering the most efficient service out of both restaurant and pub chains, scoring 8.44.

Peter Linden, Allegra Foodservice’s Restaurant Brand Portal manager, said: “Customers continue to appreciate the relaxed and informal approach pub restaurants take to service. It is also fair to say that consumer expectations are higher for restaurant operators – so they simply have to try harder!”

The EatingOut Panel data also revealed that efficient service has greater significance than friendly service in influencing both whether customers return to an eating establishment (revisit scores) and also make recommendations (NPS scores).

“This is a missed opportunity for many operators, and an area for greater operational attention.” Linden said.