Promotional activity at branded restaurants has increased by 75% in the last five years, MCA research reveals.

Meanwhile promotions in pub restaurants have increased by 39% during the same period, according to a comparative study of the top 25 eating out brands in Q2 2018, with the top 13 in Q2 2013.

Of any brand, Hungry Horse had the highest number of promotions with nine, with Sizzling Pubs and Flaming Grill following with eight promotions each.

For restaurants, Prezzo, Frankie & Benny’s and Bella Italia had the most promotions, with five apiece.

A fixed price special offer was the most popular type of promotion, accounting for 41 at the Top 25 brands, making up 40% of the total.

On average, the leading 25 operators are using four promotions at one time, while the top 10 most prolific promoting brands use an average of 6.4 promotions.

The findings were revealed at MCA’s Food Strategy Forum Debrief last week, with the research conducted by analyst Katie Prowse.

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