Cool weather pushed drinks sales down 10% in the seven days to Saturday 15 June, making it one of the worst weeks for sales of the year so far, CGA by NIQ’s Daily Drinks Tracker shows.

Low temperatures and rain brought tough trading conditions in many parts of Britain for most of the week, keeping consumers out of beer gardens and terraces.

Sales in managed venues also suffered by comparison to the same week in June 2023, when there was widespread sunshine and temperatures in the high 20s.

Year-on-year sales were down by between 10% and 20% every day from Monday to Thursday (10 to 13 June). Warmer weather and the start of the Euro 2024 football tournament provided some respite towards the end of the week, with sales down by a more modest 7% and 8% on Friday and Saturday (14 and 15 June).

Wine was the best performing of the four major drinks category for the fourth week in a row, bucking the downward trend to achieve 4% growth—partly the result of consumers staying inside to eat rather than drinking outdoors.

The chilly conditions pushed beer sales down 7%, while the comparison with last year’s heatwave left cider 32% behind. Soft drinks were 5% down while spirits (down 14%) had yet another tough week.

“Cool weather and very tough comparatives are making June a challenging month for many pubs and bars,” says Jonathan Jones, CGA by NIQ’s managing director, UK and Ireland. “There are several reasons to be optimistic that things will start to get better for operators and suppliers, with better weather forecast, the Euro 2024 tournament in full swing, inflation dropping and the General Election bringing more economic certainty. But there’s no escaping the fact that the last four weeks have been very difficult, and that margins are extremely tight for many businesses.”