Bakery-cafés, coffee shops and patisseries are the three fastest-growing limited-service segments in terms of sales, according to data analyst Technomic quoted in M&C Report’s sister title British Baker.

However, patisseries boast the most regular monthly visits (65%), with 58% at coffee shops and 40% at bakery-cafés, it noted in its latest UK Café Consumer Trend Report.

The report also stated that, overall, the value and cost of food and beverages was a more important factor in visits to patisseries, than in bakery outlets or coffee shops.

Patisseries also had the highest proportion of takeaway sales out of the three (78%), followed by bakery (49%), and coffee shops (38%).

Additional data revealed that bakery-cafés were top of mind for consumers when they were after high-quality menu offerings for a wide variety of occasions, with 44% of consumers visiting their favourite outlets for the quality of the products.

It also appeared that the quality of food in bakery-cafés was on the rise, as consumers who said they visited more bakery-cafés today than last year, put it down to the food offering (56%).

This compared to half of consumers who visited a particular coffee shop most often, said they did so due to its convenience.

Looking at the implications of these findings, Technomic said that despite the growth of these outlets, there were opportunities for all three sectors to expand their reach and increase sales.

“As bakery-café, coffee-café and patisserie operators consider growth strategies, they will want to make sure they meet the needs of their customer base. For example, coffee-café and patisserie operators may want to add amenities that can enhance the convenience of a visit, while bakery-café operators can focus on the quality of their menu items,” said the company.