The total number of out-of-home bakery visits fell 2%, from 1,489 million to 1,463m, during Q2 2018, solely due to declines seen during the lunchtime occasion, according to the latest MCA Bakery & Sandwich Tracker.

The number of visits at lunchtime fell 7%, to 446.3m. This compared to a 2% increase at dinner, to 154.8, and a 1% increase at breakfast, to 266.6m. The number of snacking visits remained level at 595.9m.

Both sweet and savoury bakery products took a hit at lunchtime, with savoury products down 6% (378.8m) and sweet down 9% (111.4m). In fact the lunchtime occasion was the only day-part that saw a decline in visits for savoury products – sweet bakery saw falls across all four occasions, with the smallest drop seen for snacking (down 6% to 267.8m visits); an overall decline of 7%.

Snacking remained the largest day-part for bakery items in Q2 2018, accounting for 40.7% of all visits. The share of savoury bakery items consumed as a snack has grown, up 5pp to 35.4% and up 1pp to 51.7% for sweet bakery.

Looking at the sweet bakery category, the cake category’s share of total bakery visits fell from 5.7% to 5.5% in the second quarter of this year, compared with Q2 2017, while cheesecake increased slightly from 2.4% to 2.5%. The share for doughnuts remained level at 2%. Cookies increased their share from 3.6% to 3.9% and topped the list for most popular sweet bakery item, followed by cake slices at 3.2% and muffins at 2.7%.

Burgers were the most popular savoury bakery item at all day-parts except breakfast, accounting for a 9.2% of total visits over the period – up 0.3pp. Sandwich carriers, baguettes and bagels increased their share of total visits by more than 0.5pp each, driving the share increase of total sandwich carriers by 0.7pp to 27%.

Sausage rolls also recorded impressive growth – 0.5pp to 2.1%, while traditional sandwich experienced the sharpest drop of 0.8pp since Q2 2017 to 6.8%.

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