Sales on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September grew +5.7% and +6.5% respectively compared to the previous week, with 33.5 million pints sold across the board.

Data from Oxford Partnership’s market intelligence revealed the average pub served 934 pints of draught beer and cider over the weekend, generating £4,278 in income.

Compared to an average weekend, an extra 13 pints were sold in every pub. By far the biggest day was Saturday, which saw an additional 24 pints sold.

Amongst this, lager was the big winner driven by World & Premium brands whilst the stout category fell -8.6%.

Footfall and dwell time were highest at outlets with outdoor areas showing sport. Outdoor areas drove footfall gains +10.6% on Friday, with dwell time up 6 minutes to 123.

Sport drove +11.6% in footfall on Saturday, whilst dwell time increased by 11 minutes to 128 minutes in total.

Outlets with both outdoor areas and sport saw an even higher +17.4% on Saturday with dwell time increased by 12 minutes to 129 minutes in total.

As the rain returned on Sunday, scores of customers were driven out of the pub which led to a downturn of -11.2%.

Oxford Partnership CEO Alison Jordan said, “The weather always makes a huge difference to on trade sales and this year is no exception.

“Sports usually provides a trigger for sales hikes and this weekend’s Euros qualifier plus the start of the Rugby World Cup 2023 has not failed to deliver so far – as the group stages hot up, no doubt we will continue to see more sales growth.”