Restaurants with multiple photographs on their TripAdvisor page get far more interaction on the the website, new research reveals.

Research by TripAdvisor found restaurant operators with between 11 and 20 photos see double the amount of diner interaction over those with no photos at all.

Restaurants with at least one management photo see 44% more engagement over those with no photos.

In other findings, the Guide to Diner Engagement on TripAdvisor found restaurants with more than 20 reviews see twice as much engagement and having over 40 recent reviews (collated over the last six months) drives three times the engagement.

Managers who respond to at least 1% of reviews see twice as much diner engagement, with the report suggesting it shows a manager demonstrating they care about diners’ experience by taking the time to review the feedback and respond.

Simply adding basic details such as hours of operation to a TripAdvisor page has been shown to reap benefits, the report shows – increasing engagement by more than 36%.

The report summarises: ”Prospective diners want to know what they can expect from a restaurant before reserving a table, and they engage with restaurant listings that provide the right content to help them choose the best option for them.

“The 2017 TripAdvisor Diner Engagement Study clearly indicates that potential customers spend more time browsing the pages of restaurants that offer extensive decision-driving content. Restaurant managers can take advantage of this trend by actively connecting with their TripAdvisor listings; encouraging new reviews, responding to those reviews, uploading fresh photos, and ensuring their business details are correctly listed on TripAdvisor.

“When all of these elements are combined, they can create a virtuous circle of more customer engagement on the restaurant’s listing, more dining decisions being influenced in the restaurant’s favour, and, ultimately, more reviews and photos being posted to the listing. This additional content can then drive more engagement, setting the cycle in motion again.”