The Food to Go (FTG) market now accounts for over two in every five eating out occasions, the latest MCA data has shown.

The Food To Go Tracker Q3 2016 shows frequency increasing at all day-parts year-on-year, with average spend up at breakfast, lunch and for snacking occasions.

The report highlights growing trends towards less structured eating behaviours, ever increasing product availability and rising mobility all underpinning FTG’s increasing popularity.

Snacking has seen the biggest growth in terms of visit frequency, with an average of 4.0 visits a month, up from 3.5 in Q3 2015.

Supermarkets-to-go remains the most commonly visited for FTG snack occasions and has also gained share at breakfast and dinner. Coffee shops/cafes remain the most popular channel for breakfast, while fast food has increased its dominance at dinner. At lunch sandwich retailers and supermarkets are joint leaders, although fast food has gained share in this day part as well.

The tracker examines the demographic and regional differences between food to go and the wider eating out market, which show FTG consumers are on average younger, more affluent and more likely to live in London. It also looks at the most popular times of the week for food to go visits, with 80% taking place on a weekday.

An analysis of brand performance shows Greggs rated substantially higher than other FTG brands for speed of service.

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