Latest data from Lumina Intelligence’s Eating & Drinking Out Panel indicates a shift in channel share during the four weeks to 11 July 2021 driven by the Euros. As consumers gathered to watch the football, pubs and bars have continued to gain channel share, accounting for 15.0% of total eating out occasions across the four weeks – up 2ppts versus the previous period. Restaurants have also continued to grow share, up 0.6ppts to 12.7%.

Drinking pints

These changes made little discernible difference at the topline level, with both consumer participation (50%) and visit frequency (at 1.4 times per week) remaining stable compared to the previous four-week period.

The strong growth in pubs and bars came at the expense of coffee and sandwich shops (-2.4ppts) and retail (-0.5ppts).

Overall average spend per visit continues to grow, as higher spend channels continue to grow share at the expense of low-ticket channels. Average spend in the 4 w/e 11 July 2021 was £9.79, up +2.6%.

This is also reflected in an increase in day part share for dinner, up by +0.7ppts over the last 4 weeks, from 31.5% to 32.2%. This was at the expense of lunch, whose share declined by -0.6ppts. Popular dinner items have therefore also increased in share, including burgers (+0.6ppts) and pizza (+1.2ppts).

Blonnie Whist, insight director at Lumina Intelligence, said: With many consumers remaining cautious amidst rising coronavirus cases in June/July, participation and frequency of eating out remained stable. However, a shift towards pubs & bars and restaurants from lower-ticket solutions like retail and coffee shops has driven an increase in average spend per visit. Pubs will have no doubt, capitalised on the recent success of the England team at the Euros.”

  • More details on Lumina’s Eating and Drinking Out Panel are available here