Pizza Hut’s partnership with software company Dragontail Systems has delivered ‘clear results’, general manager Neil Manhas revealed at MCA’s Hostech event.

Describing the delivery tech company as its “most recent technology bet,” Manhas told delegates that “the benefits have been very clear.”

According to consumer feedback gathered by the pizza brand, since the implementation of Dragontail in 160 of its stores customer satisfaction ratings and taste scores have improved by 6ppts, speed scores by 4ppts, and deliveries are up by an average of ten per hour at peak times.

Designed to ease the experience of both consumer and staff, the software facilitates intelligent kitchen processing by staging and sequencing orders, and also includes live GPS driver tracking and a driver pooling functionality.

Reflecting on the brand’s past issues, Manhas said that he hoped this new software would make it easier for Pizza Hut teams to provide a consistent customer journey.

“We wanted to equip our teams to be able to provide a more consistent, easier service,” he said. “At the very end of the journey, if the pizza was still turning up late, cold, inaccurate, it’s all for nothing. It really is a multiplicative relationship, so if one of the elements in the customer journey is a zero, it’s going to be a zero overall, you’re not moving forward.”

“Anything that moves the needle forward on speed, on taste, that is going to deliver a better customer experience, is going to drive sales.”

Dragontail is set for roll out across the entire UK estate by April, but this isn’t the only area where the brand has enhanced its digital capabilities. Over the last 18 months it’s started partnering with key aggregators, has created a ‘DealBot’ to help customers access the best offers for their basket and has moved to 100% digital advertising.

Looking to the “next series of bets,” it’s trialling a HutBot – an app that looks to streamline scheduling processes for restaurant managers – and in its global estate is trialling even more advanced technology.

“Across the entire Pizza Hut estate there are experiments going on with robotics and automation, but in the UK we want to take it one step at a time,” said Manhas, “we need to walk before we can run.”