A hospitality payment app, created by the founders of Big Mamma Group, has raised €20m (£17.3m) in a seed-funding round.

Sunday promises to cut the commission restaurateurs pay on customer bills by at least half.

Investors include New Wave, a venture capital firm backed by French telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel, and Coatue Management.

More than 1,000 restaurants and hotels have signed up to the app, including Corbin & King, and the Hoxton Hotel.

Customers scan a QR code on their table to pay the bill without having to catch the attention of waiting staff or take time over credit card machines.

Victor Lugger, co-founder of Sunday, and operator of Gloria and Circolo Popolare in London, said that when the system was trialled across the Big Mamma 14 Italian restaurants last year, 80% of customers chose to scan the code, and the average spend per head increased 10% “because you have more time for another coffee or limoncello”.

It also saved 15 minutes per table on average, allowing restaurants a quicker turnround between customers.

He said: “Before Covid I would never have put a QR code on my table. It seemed gross and then suddenly it became normal.”

Jeremy King, Corbin & King’s chief executive said: “Payment has always been the dirty aspect of eating out . . . and sadly often too slow and frustrating.”

Lugger added that the QR code system was “not the endgame” and said he planned to develop Sunday to work off near-field communications, a contactless technology that links two devices.