OpenTable has developed two new features designed to help restaurants optimise their seating and kitchen operations.

The online reservation platform has launched ‘turn control’ which enables businesses to set a minimum number of times a table will turn over, either by party size or table, in order that only booking times are offered that meet that requirement.

A second feature, ‘flow control’ helps to pace tables in order to try and prevent the kitchen from getting backed up with orders.

Adrian Valeriano, VP EMEA, OpenTable, said: “The aim of the two new features is to allow restaurateurs to have greater management over the pace of service, as well as being able to maximise table availability.

“The turn control allows restaurateurs to fill their tables and never waste a turn, which can be really helpful financially. The flow control enables staff to customise the pace of service according to the dining style and staffing levels, which can help increase numbers in a personalised and manageable way.”