Wrexham Lager, one of the country’s oldest lager brands, is to be available for the first time in 10 years from next month with the establishment of a new microbrewery in the north Wales town. Ian Dale, formerly the head brewer at Wrexham Lager, has been working with a local family that owns a wholesale business to revive the brand for the past two years. Wrexham Lager was previously brewed by Carlsberg until the brewery closed in 2001. Clwyd South MP Martyn Jones bought the rights to the Wrexham Lager name for £1. The Roberts family behind the revived Wrexham Lager are using German engineers from Kaspar Schulz for the brewing process. The brewery is located at the family’s old warehouse used by their distribution firm F. Jones. The beer is to be brewed to 4% ABV, its original strength after it changed to 3.2% ABV under Carlsberg. It has been rebranded with the image of a football inside a rugby ball to reflect the town’s passion for sport.