International brewer Molson Coors plans to increase production at its William Worthington microbrewery almost four-fold in 2012 after reporting that it produced 1,600 barrels in its first year in operation. The brewery opened at the National Brewing Centre in Burton in December 2010. Molson Coors said: “2011’s successful production concentrated on Worthington’s White Shield, William Worthington’s magisterial IPA, as well as a series of seasonal ales. “The plan is to ramp up production in 2012 as well as introducing new beers under the Worthington’s name, with the aim of brewing up to 6,000 barrels and to begin exporting to the US.” Head brewer Jim Appelbee said: “The team has put together impressive growth so that we can share William Worthington’s with an even greater audience, while staying wedded to the heritage that our fans hold so dear.”