Walkers crisps will capture CO2 from beer fermentation in order to slash emissions from its manufacturing process by 70%.

The new technique sees the potato waste turned into fertiliser which will then be spread on UK fields to feed the following year’s potato crop.

The technology adopted by Walkers makes fertiliser without generating CO2, and was developed with a grant from the UK government by a start-up called CCm.

It is understood CCm is currently acquiring C02 from the brewing process through secondary markets, though ultimately PepsiCo plans to source its own C02.

The new system will take away potato “cake” left after digestion - and stir the brewery CO2 into it to make an enriched fertiliser which will help put carbon back into the soil as well as encouraging plant growth.

David Wilkinson from Walker’s owner PepsiCo, said: “This innovation could provide learnings for the whole of the food system, enabling the agriculture sector to play its part in combating climate change.

“This is just the beginning of an ambitious journey, we’re incredibly excited to trial the fertiliser on a bigger scale and discover its full potential.”