The UK will get its first taste of a ground-breaking new product as Wells & Young’s unveils a brand new beer in the Kirin range - Kirin Frozen which is launching at YO! Sushi’s frozen riverside beer garden on London’s Southbank.

Kirin Frozen has been created by using a brand new dispenser which adds a whipped and frozen top to the original Kirin Ichiban beer and keeps it extra cold for an estimated 30 minutes longer than normal.

As part of the launch, consumers will be able to ‘chill out’ with a new Kirin Frozen beer and enjoy the setting of the YO! Sushi frozen beer garden, complete with tables, chairs and benches all made from ice.

Set up at Festival Riverside, Festival Hall, Southbank, the beer garden will be available for consumers to enjoy the taste of Kirin Frozen from 12:00pm on Friday 2nd August 2013 until 4pm- temperatures allowing!

Priced at £4 a pint, Kirin Frozen Beer will be available exclusively at participating YO! Sushi restaurants starting at the Southbank restaurant with plans to roll it out further.

Sarah Mahoney, brand manager at Wells & Young’s who manage and brew the beer in the UK, said: “Kirin Ichiban is brewed using the unique Ichiban Shibori process which means only the first press of the finest ingredients are used to create the distinctive, crisp premium lager drinkers love. Our new frozen variety is the same great beer, but with an added extra- a whipped top which is frozen to minus 5 degrees to keep the beer colder for longer so every sip is as refreshing as the first!

“The fun and theatre of the YO! Sushi frozen beer garden and their Southbank restaurant are the perfect settings to launch for our revolutionary new beer in the UK- not to mention the fact it is a perfect complement to Japanese cuisine!”

Katie Crossfield, marketing manager of YO! Sushi said: “Kirin is a fantastic Japanese beer and we’re proud to be able to offer people yet another taste innovation from Japan. Kirin Frozen Beer tastes amazing, looks amazing and is great fun – it’s perfect for the summer months and coupled with our new outdoor menu, it’s sure to be a winner”.