Tuk Tuk the Scotland based Indian street food restaurant concept, is eyeing a third site in England this year, MCA has learnt.

Founder Rizvi Khaleque said he would like to open five or six sites over all, and was looking at Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, as well as Dundee.

Tuk Tuk, which has two sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh, operates 100+ sites at around 4-5,00 sq ft with an affordable, authentic food offer and bring your own drinks.

Khaleque said the competitive price point and cool interior made it popular with younger and student consumers.

He said: “I think with our model five or six is very realistic. We have to be cautious because people do expand too fast and get caught out. There’s a speed to everything.

“I think we’re quite different from other operators. We offer a very reasonable price. Its very affordable, plus its byob, which makes it good for students.

“The quality of food is absolutely authentic. I think there’s a growing demand for our kind of package.

“I think towards the end of the year I think we’ll definitely make progress towards another site.”