Tossed founder Vincent McKeviit has told MCA that he now sees opportunities for the brand outside of London.

He said that while further growth in the capital remains the focus for the moment – having agreed heads of terms on two more sites, including one in Victoria – the group’s work with Welcome Break has helped to introduce it to the regions.

In an interview for this month’s MCA magazine, McKevitt said he was ready to pounce on the opportunities, site-wise, that he is certain will arise from the inevitable high street casualties caused by the combination of rising product costs, business rates and National Minimum Wage.

He said: “In the last three years the landlords have had it all their way, but in the next three years, the balance will go in favour of strong retailers and there will be some great opportunities.

He hinted that these circumstances could be the catalyst for taking the brand into high streets around the country.

“Expansion used to be confined to pockets of central London but now there are opportunities everywhere and I am very excited,” he added.

“Our Welcome Break sites and our outlet at Bluewater have been great in getting the brand into the regions.”