Tossed, the healthy eating group led by Vincent McKivett, has consolidated the Vital Ingredient estate it acquired earlier this year, with the closure of two of its 13 sites.

The group, which acquired the 13-strong business earlier this spring from investment firm FCFM, who had acquired it out of administration at the start of the year, has closed the Vital sites in Holborn Viaduct and King William Street.

Earlier this year, Tossed finance director Neil Sebba told MCA he hoped the acquisition of the Vital Ingredient estate will create a “superstar of the sector”.

Sebba said he and Tossed founder McKivett were still considering how the combined business will work, and that there was “no preconceived game plan”, but decribed the acquisition for an undisclosed sum as good news for the sector.

The combined group now operates from 36 locations across London, the Welcome Break service stations and Dubai.