Tortilla, the burrito and taco brand, is opening in Kingston in April and close to signing for another two UK sites, MCA has learnt.

It comes as the 34-strong group released end of year figures reporting a +3.5% increase in like-for-like sales over 2016 with +8.1% like-for-like over the festive period.

After launching their latest three sites in Cribbs Causeway, London and Newcastle in Q4 2016, Tortilla’s estate now consists of 32 sites across the UK and two in Dubai, with UK sales exceeding £25.3 million for the year.

Tortilla is also due to open two sites in Saudi Arabia in Q1 of this year, as well as a further two in Saudi or Dubai by the end of the year, with franchise partners in the Middle East keen to roll out the brand further.

Managing director Richard Morris told MCA he kept an open mind about new locations in the UK.

He said: “I think we’re pretty well represented around the UK. We will look at each location based on its merits, based on the value, the rates, what we can take, the return in capital - it doesn’t really matter where it is.

“We are predominantly a Southern based business, it’s where out HQ is, but if opportunities present themselves elsewhere, we’re very successful in Leeds and Birmingham, and we’ve recently opened in Newcastle and Scotland.”

Morris said there was undoubtedly uncertainty in the sector but remained confident the burrito brand was in a strong position to continue its success.

He added: “Like many people in the sector we are all slightly cautious, we don’t know the implication of Brexit, or of the weak pound, though we know the impact it’s having on inbound costs.

“We feel confident we’re at a good price point, people do trade down a little but when things get uncertain we feel quite good about our place in the market.

“Rent and rates are overheated in London at the moment so we have to be careful about picking the right sites. We’re not under pressure to open loads and loads of locations.

“We want to pick the best ones, if that’s five or six, eight or nine, three or four, then that’s what we’re going to do.”