Tonkotsu has confirmed to MCA its first opening of 2019 will be on Rye Lane in Peckham, and that it is in legals on a second site on Shoreditch high street.

The Peckham site will open in the former offices of the late, and well documented, criminal solicitor Ralph Haeems, next to the Bussey Building, as part of a mixed development which will include a couple of restaurants, a live music venue, rooftop bar and co-working space.

Stephen Evans, managing director at Tonkotsu, told MCA the business was hoping to open four sites next year, with the Peckham and Shoreditch sites pencilled in to open in Q1 and Q2. the

“We are halfway to fulfilling next year’s objective. A couple of years ago we were saying ‘there are no sites, the end of the world is nigh’, but we are in a position now where we can pick and choose good sites and be a bit more strategic about it,” he said.

The business is currently on site at Dicken’s Yard in Ealing, where its ninth standalone restaurant is due to open in the last week of November. Tonkotsu also operates two concessions at Selfridges in Birmingham and Oxford Street.