Three Joes, the pizza concept launched last year by POD co-founders Tim Hall and Emma Blackmore, and former Byron operations director, Peter Bruton, has secured its second site, MCA has learnt.

The sourdough pizza brand, which made its debut last August in Fareham, will open a second site next month in Winchester overlooking the city’s cathedral at 9 Great Minster Street.

Hall told MCA: “We’re delighted to be opening a second, 100-cover restaurant less than 12 months after our first but we’re in no rush. We think rigid rollout strategies create pressure which can ultimately damage brands. We have simply found a beautiful site overlooking Winchester cathedral which aligns perfectly with our vision to operate restaurants outside London which become part of the fabric of the local community and culture. As far from a chain as you can get. Everything we do is about the customer and the neighbourhood and our customers seem to appreciate this.”

Bruton said: “Three Joes has been extremely well received in Fareham and we’re very proud that 93% of our TripAdvisor reviews are excellent or very good. We are working with some fantastic people who we have known for years and are building a team who we think can help us create a great brand. It’s been a very enjoyable project so far.”

Blackmore said: “The challenge of creating a menu for our contemporary, value conscious and foodie customers is thrilling and we’re learning every day. We think that successful restaurant businesses of the future will have a local and more personal feel to them.”

Hall added: “We have a fantastic group of shareholders who are eager to let us get on with running the business. At POD I had one outlet and six non-executive directors to handle. There are none at Three Joes and experience suggests that’s a recipe for success in hospitality.”

Hall previously told MCA that the business had been set up with the intention of creating a “flexible, scalable brand with real soul that can operate successfully in towns where there are extensive property opportunities available”. The group will target third tier towns across the UK.