Tasty, which owns the Wildwood brand, has said sales fell £8.7m from £21.1m in the prior year and it made a loss after tax of £11m.

It has 48 of its 55-strong estate open. It said 2020 has been an “extremely difficult year which required swift action to mitigate the extraordinary challenges faced. Tasty was quick to react to the Covid-19 outbreak.”

“Whilst the trading environment continues to be extremely challenging and ever-changing, with the additional bank facility and support from our creditors and landlords, we are hopeful that we will be able to navigate our way through these difficult times due to our agility and restructured operational base.”

It added that the “actions that the Group has undertaken to restructure, reduce the size of the estate and potentially reduce the Group’s rental cost base should ensure that we are in a better place for the future.

“However, the Board expects future trading to remain unpredictable and exceptionally difficult with the threat of further local lockdowns, tighter restrictions and the possibility of full lockdown still remaining. We will continue to monitor the situation and remain ready to respond.”

Tasty is working with KPMG to explore its options going forward.