Tamatanga, the Indian casual dining restaurant, is opening its third site, in Leicester’s Highcross, with further sites lined up in Manchester and Leeds in 2020, MCA has learnt.

The mid-market concept, which has sites in Birmingham and Nottingham, is taking the former House of Fraser site at the Hammerson operated shopping centre.

Founder and owner Aman Kular, a former management consultant with Accenture, told MCA after launching in 2008 during the financial crisis, the group had proven its concept, and was now embarking on a sustainable expansion.

He said Tamatanga had a contemporary, family friendly take on Indian cuisine, and could compete side by side with brands such as Wagamama’s and Turtle Bay.

He told MCA: “Growth has been purely organic and not venture capital fuelled, which is a complete anomaly in the market - we are bucking the trend. We have no ego, no desire to be in the limelight, no need to have unrealistic number of sites, my focus is to have fewer sites but ensuring every location is massively profitable and well run and not to spread ourselves thin.”

Kular said being the sole owner made the business more agile when it came to decision making.

He said after pioneering Indian cuisine alongide other brands it was time to grow the concept.

He said: “We launched in 2008 at a time of the worst possible recession with a completely innovative take on Indian Cuisine, something nobody had done to date and is nowhere close to doing now. we are still trail blazers and innovators and constantly get flattered with the concepts imitating what we do although disappointed in their execution.

“We were the first Indian cuisine concept to occupy a space next to the major chains and compete, pay the same rent and rates and engage the market space with something difference.

“We were the first Indian cuisine concept to have a kids menu and high chairs to be open daily from 11:30am, we did this all first in 2008 and over the years have refined and honed our concept which is now ripe for expansion and is doing so with zest.”