Hugh Osmond’s Strada has launched its set lunch menu as part of his plans to completely overhaul the restaurant group’s offering.

The group, which Osmond acquired in September last year, announced in May that it has changed its supply chain to focus on quality and provenance of ingredients as the first step of rebranding the company.

Osmond told M&C the set menu has been designed to move Strada away from discount vouchers and promotional deals, and closer to value for all customers.

The summer set menu is in addition to the Lunch & Afternoon Set Menu, which the head chef rotates, and includes limited edition starters, main courses and desserts available between 12 – 7pm.

The summer selection includes bruschetta, salads and small plates with prosciutto, as well as fish, chicken and steak specials and traditional Italian desserts.

The daily set menu was trialled across 11 restaurants before being rolled-out across the estate due to its popularity.

In May when the first changes were made, Osmond told M&C the changes to ingredients and adding the set menu are intended to give all customers good value to move away from giving the best deals to customers who come in with discount vouchers that do not always reward the most loyal customers.

“We would like to move strongly away from vouchers because the best customers effectively pay more and you have two tiers of customers which we don’t think is right. We want every customer to have good value. We want to attract more customer but who all pay less.

“I don’t believe in vouchers as a long-term solution. It’s heroin for restaurants – once on it you are always going to need it and always take some pain coming off it,” Osmond said. “It’s one thing to reward loyal customers with a discount or incentive but quite another that people can just download a voucher and get 30% off.”

Menu and food changes are the first stage of the longer term plan to improve quality and add value before extensively refurbishing the estate ahead of gearing up for expansion.