London’s Selfridges is set to launch a honey-themed restaurant concept, Hive, next month.

Due to open in early December, the concept will replace Hemsley + Hemsley on the building’s third floor and will serve a menu focused around the brand’s on-site-produced honey.

Alongside its all-day menu, the restaurant will offer a range of honey and cheese pairings and a cheese and honey afternoon tea experience.

The ‘modernist’ design will include botanical statement walls, golden bee structures, plant boxes with flowerer pollinated by the restaurant’s own bee population, and an on-site hive and beekeeper.

The concept is the creation of first time restaurateur Khalid Samata.

“A few years ago, I fell in love with honey,” he said. “I discovered buckwheat honey and that tasting experience marked the beginning of my evolving journey.

“I enjoyed the taste of buckwheat honey so much that I became obsessed with how monofloral honeys are made.”

The restaurant will also use honey procured by the farm Le Miel des Française.