Neil Rankin has said the rollout of the Imbiba-backed Temper concept is likely to focus on different cuisines for each site, starting with curry.

Speaking at CGA Peach’s Insight and Marketing Conference, Rankin said ‘Temper 2’ restaurant in Angel Court, in the City, would use the cuts of meats he was unable to use at his original barbecue site in Soho, which buys in whole animals and butchers them onsite.

Rankin said of his next restaurant: “It’s curry – but not Indian.

“There’s certain things we realised at Temper one, there’s a lot of the animal we really struggle to use. To create an idea around curry where we can utilise a lot more of it, such as leg, rump or featherblade, it actually gave us much more opportunity.

“Plus, I’m the most avid curry fan in the world, so it’s really exciting for me to do.”

He added: “The idea is to create different brands within the model which carry on with the same ethos and service style, yet the cuisine changes, so you can have three or four in the same area that don’t cannibalise each other.”