Mother, the Copenhagen restaurant coming to Battersea Power Station, will most likely be a one-off in London, with the owners preferring the idea of going to other international capital cities, MCA understands.

The concept, which has a cult following in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, is opening a 5,000 sq ft, 170 cover restaurant at Battersea’s Circus West Village, which will have some outdoor patio seating with hygge-style Danish design.

Mother is known for using purified seawater in its sourdough, rather than adding salt, which makes for a lighter crust, as well as having supposed health benefits.

Co-founder David Biffani, whose partner is former Baltic and Chez Kristoff chef Nick Pound, told MCA the group was not interested in rolling out the restaurant.

He said: “We follow the Italian saying, ’there’s only on Mother’. When you get too big you have to compromise, and we don’t want to that.

“Our dream is to go to different capitals which we like. But it’s not the right time to think about it. London is the only thing we think of at the moment. We’re not the type of group that wants to open four in two years. We let the others do that. We want to open one and do it right.”

Biffani said Mother’s one-off approach made iconic Battersea the ideal UK debut for the concept, with the partnership coming after the restaurnat was headhunted during a visit to Denmark. 

He said the Copenhagen restaurant’s popularity came from its commitment to making everything from scratch, which enabled it to come in at a very reasonable price point, something he hopes to repeat in London. 

Describing how Mother would stand out in London’s crowded pizza market, Biffani added: “The difference between us and the others is we do it because we really love it.

“We make own beer, make our own wine, cheese and sausages. We do all these things but we don’t really charge for it. We don’t shout about it either, this is our job, to produce as much as possible for our customers.

“If you’re a good negotiator, you can put your margin on it, and you can put a beautiful crafted IPA on at the same price as a Carlsberg.

“You have to be quantitative. I would never be able to put this price if I didn’t have the turnover in Copenhagen. The fact the restaurant is popular helps keep price down, and the reason the restaurant is popular is because the prices down. They help each other.

“Pizza is pizza, it is not gourmet. We believe it should be affordable for everyone. We never change the price of the margarita and marinara because people should be able to have a beer and pizza for £12.”