McDonald’s UK and Ireland has joined the Zero Carbon Forum following the announcement of its aims to achieve net zero emissions for all restaurants and offices in UK and Ireland by 2030, along with net zero emissions across the entire business and value chain by 2040.

McDonalds’s UK and Ireland’s Plan for Change, an initiative that outlines a series of sustainability goals and initiatives, was launched in October 2021.

The news also follows in the wake of a resolution filed earlier this month asking the company to reduce packaging pollution, which saw shareholders representing 41.9% and more than 206m shares supporting the proposal.

The burger giant joins businesses including Nando’s, Wetherspoons, and Burger King in working with Zero Carbon Forum, a nonprofit that aids its members in setting and achieving sustainability targets.

The announcement further follows the opening of McDonald’s UK’s first restaurant build to a UK industry net zero emissions standard at the end of 2021. Learnings from the restaurant will be used to create a blueprint for freehold new builds and help the business achieve its 2030 net zero emissions goal.

The company was nominated for the Sustainability Award at MCA’s 2022 Retailers’ Retailer Awards for its efforts and is in the process of decarbonising operations to achieve its goals.

It is also working to improve beef sustainability by investing in research projects with partner FAI Farms, which is currently investigating the benefits of regenerative farming principles.

Beth Hart, Vice President Supply Chain and Brand Trust, said: “We are committed to achieving net zero emissions across our entire business and value chain by 2040, as part of our new sustainability framework Plan for Change. However, we know that this is a challenge the entire industry faces and that sharing best practice is paramount to ensure we all get there.

“Joining the Zero Carbon Forum signals our intent to take industry-leading steps in this space, share our learnings, and contribute to the wider effort to achieve net zero emissions to create real, positive change.”

Mark Chapman, Zero Carbon Forum founder and Chief Executive, said: ““We recognise the positive and progressive work that McDonald’s UK and Ireland is doing with its first restaurant built to the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) Net Zero standard.

“It wholly aligns with the importance, and strategic focus of the forum on scope 3 full supply chain emissions. Part of McDonald’s role with us as the forum will be to work collaboratively to tackle our joint food and beverage and agricultural emissions as a sector and we look forward to sharing and learning together to make real change happen.”