Little Chef is more than just a tubby chap in a white suit that was recently valued at £52m to Michael Carroll, the Lottery winner whose demolition derby and pig buying antics have made him a favourite with the tabloids. Gemma Pearce, one-time paramour of Carroll and former Little Chef employee, told The Sun: "Mikey loved the fact that I worked in Little Chef. I think the uniform was a big turn-on. If I came home smelling like a chip pan he loved it." Carroll’s affections were not limited to Little Chef. He also expressed his feelings for Pearce through McDonald’s menu items. "A gang of us left McDonald’s one day. Mikey was in one car, I was in another. My window was open and as his car overtook us he threw a McFlurry ice-cream at me. I was covered." said Pearce. "I guess it was his way of showing me how much he cared. I still fancy him. What woman wouldn’t?"