With two recently opened drive-thru locations and 70 self-serve coffee kiosks, alongside its 54 company-owned restaurants and 26 franchised sites, Leon is increasingly focused on its omnichannel strategy, according to marketing director Mariam French.

Speaking to delegates at MCA, The Grocer, and BigHospitality’s Omnichannel Conference yesterday (7 December), French discussed how Leon’s omnichannel approach has broadened following the pandemic as well as its acquisition by the EG Group.

“We have about 60 more coffee kiosks secured to open next year,” she said. “We’re using tech to amplify the order experience, so that every new restaurant opens with kiosks and old restaurants are also retrofitted with them.

“Digital ordering, through either kiosks or the app, is now prevalent in the majority of our estate.”

Ordering through the app allows customers to skip the queue and earn points for loyalty, while digital ordering through either app or kiosk has driven average transaction value through “efficient and clever upselling.”

“The EG acquisition has supported us with the infrastructure and investment,” French added.

Along with branching out into drive-thrus and coffee kiosks, the goal of creating an omnichannel concept is also to build a more unified brand for customers – which has helped drive engagement and loyalty, according to French.

While a retail range, the Leon loyalty club, and cookbooks have helped expand the brand, bricks-and-mortar restaurants with multiple touchpoints have been important during the journey as well.

“Opening traditional high street restaurants is still our focus,” French said.