La Tagliata, the Italian restaurant and bar concept, is looking to grow to four sites in London after securing a second in Fitzrovia.

The new site on the corner of Whitfield Street and Grafton Way, formerly leased to Sardo, is double the size of the first site in Spitalifields, and is split between two units joined at the kitchen.

The restaurant will have the same limited menu concept as the first, with the next door wine bar serving gourmet pizza and Italian skewers from the Abruzzo region.

Co-founder Lorenzo Boldi told MCA while subsequent sites may not have joined units, he and partner Carlo Palumbo would also look to include the bar concept LT in some form to new La Tagliata sites.

He said despite economic headwinds the former investment bankers were determined to take the risk of expanding, and had experienced month on month growth.

He said: “The idea is to add two more restaurants in London in the next two years, and then grow internationally.

“We have to take the risk and keep on going. Despite Brexit and the economic slowdown we are managing to keep in growing in terms of revenue and profits each month.

“It will be easier to find good locations next year. It took us a year and a half to find the second.”

Boldi said the venture had been privately funded so far, but they would look to take on investment for the next site.

Translated as ‘the cut’, La Tagliata’s name is a nod to the brand’s signature dish of sliced sirloin steak on a bed of rocket, tomatoes and parmesan shavings with a balsamic glaze.

The menu will also offer breads, antipasti and pastas.

Shelley Sandzer secured the site, which is due to open at the beginning of November.