Chris Miller, whose White Rabbit Fund has backed the opening of Andrew Wong’s new Bloomberg Arcade opening Kym’s, has told MCA there could be opportunities for spin-off formats of the brand.

Miller said that Kym’s, Wong’s more casual dining follow-up to Michelin starred A Wong, would be the flagship of the concept in London, with a restaurant, bar, grab and go and private dining space spread across 130 covers.

He said there could be potential for further Kym’s sites in other international cities, as well as spin-offs in London focussing on specific specialist elements of the offer, such as roast meat, or noodles.

Miller said the aim of Kym’s was to be a flexible space and accessible to a wide customers base, with the grab and go offering costing £10, with lunch spend around £20 a head.

He said the concept was originally intended to be a quality, casual dining take on Anglo-Chinese classics, such as duck pancakes and spring rolls, though said a range of more regionally differentiated dishes had been introduced during development.

Miller said the concept aimed to enter the middle ground between cheap Chinese takeaways and high-end banquet cuisine.

He said his role was to give an “ordinary punter’s” perspective on Wong’s food, as well as doing the “boring stuff” - providing operational, financial and systems support.