KFC is opening more than 100 of its kitchens nationwide to show how its chicken is really made.

People taking part will be able to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes before chicken is sold at the counter - and may even get an insight into what could be part of the fast food chain’s “secret recipe.”

The company will give dozens of members of the public the chance to see for themselves what happens in their kitchens on 6 May.

During a 60-minute session, ticket holders will learn how the chicken arrives fresh each day, will see how the chicken is hand-breaded by trained cooks and have a go at building their own burger.

Everyone that attends will get a free box meal including the burger they create plus a piece of Original Recipe Chicken, fries, a drink and a side.

Paula MacKenzie, General Manager at KFC UK and Ireland, said: “We want to show that the only secret at KFC is the Colonel’s recipe. We are proud of our lovingly crafted, freshly prepared chicken and want to share some of that magic with our customers. This is your chance to ask anything you’ve ever wondered about KFC - the aim of the day is to feed your curiosity, then your appetite.”