Kettlebell Kitchen, the fitness food concept, is poised to go into liquidation, with the closure of at least two sites in Manchester.

Fortis Insolvency are set to be appointed liquidators of Kettlebell Kitchen Ltd and Kettlebell Kitchen Services Ltd, with sites in First Street and Salford already closed.

Founder Carley Jones told MCA efforts were being made to save a third Manchester site in Ancoats, which is understood to be trading under a separate entity, with new investment.

A fourth Kettlebell Kitchen site, in Newcastle, is run as a franchise and is unaffected.

Jones said the business had expanded too quickly and cannibalised its own customers in Manchester, while the acquisition of meal prep business SoulMate Food had proven wasteful.

Another Jones-directed business, The Clean Bakery, is unaffected.

Jones told MCA: “We are working hard to save what we can of the business, and there’s a new entity that Ancoats and other business are trading under, with new investors.

“We’ve made a mistake by opening more sites in Manchester than we should have. We should have just kept one, but by opening more we’ve spread out our customer base. With rising costs and staff wages, it’s killed us.

“We also bought a company, SoulMate Food, which didn’t turn out. It wasn’t what we thought it would be, it’s ended up haemorrhaging money.”