The Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group is targeting 100 sites globally, by the end of next year, according to chief executive Jon Knight.

Speaking at the recent MCA Restaurant Conference, Knight said the group had just opened its 58th site outside the UK – where it currently has 27 – with further expansion planned for 2019.

“We have still got three more to open this year and I have already pencilled in 12 for next year, so that international market is still very vibrant for us, it’s very successful for us,” he said. “Hopefully by the end of next year we’ll be up to 100 restaurants globally.”

On its partnership with SSP, Knight said the group currently has 14 restaurants with them across Europe, and plans to expand this number in 2019.

“We have signed three new agreements for next year with them, so we will break into mainland Spain with them, and we have our first location in the Middle East, which we are really pleased with, in a Middle Eastern airport,” he said.

“It’s not just about Jamie’s Italian, it’s about Jamie’s Deli, Jamie’s Diner, and Jamie’s Pizzeria. It’s about finding the best fit and how we can then optimise that in the travel space,” added Knight.

The group is also soon to open its first restaurant through partner Aramark, in Dublin, which will be located within “a premium business location”.

“We are also going to do our first educational space, which will open Q1, in the UK – that’s us taking a restaurant opportunity into a university,” said Knight.

“We are also going to start rolling out a new concept, which is going to be able to traverse the country and is going to be able to showcase all of our offerings,” he said.

The group is also expanding its Royal Caribbean partnership with three new ships signed up next year.