Itsu plans to close two and cut rents on 53 of its sites by means of a company voluntary arrangement.

Last week, the healthy to-go brand confirmed it was to undergo a CVA in order to protect its finances following months of closure.

The 77-strong group has said a combination of “zero trade and ongoing social distancing” means the process is “the best solution to support a viable company going forward.”

As well as the CVA, which will be subject to a vote on 19 August and must be approved by landlords, the group will also look to streamline its menu and invest in self-service and pre-order technology going forward.

“Until the crisis struck in March this year, Itsu was on track to enjoy record sales and growth,” said an Itsu spokesperson. “However, the unavoidable combination of months of zero trade and ongoing social distancing will significantly affect 2020/2021 and beyond.

“City centres and financial districts are also certain to change with businesses incorporating more regular home working by staff. The CVA is just one of many actions Itsu is taking to adapt its model to meet the new operating environment.”

The proposed nominees of the CVA are Simon Appell, Clare Kennedy and Peter Saville from Alix Partners.