A former Cote and Strada manager who opened dozens of restaurants has launched a Sardinian concept in North London.

Claudio Peddis is working with Angelo Sanna and chef Monserrato Marini, formerly of Dragoncello and Como Lario, on Bosa, which serves regional Sardinian dishes as well as Italian favourites from Seven Sister Road.

After opening less than two weeks ago the operators have already been approached about investment and further sites.

Bosa is named after the owners’ town on Sardinia with most of the produce sourced from the Mediterranean island.

Peddis said: “We are looking to open more. We think this one works really well and have loads of really good feedback. A few people are interested in investing. We said no for the time being because we only opened ten years ago.”

On his past experience, Peddis said: “I was part of opening tem in Strada and I helped open about 10 sites, so I have taken over that experience.

“I Joined cote in 2010 when they only had about four sites and I helped open Bluewater, Parsons Green, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Soho, London Bridge, and a few months.”

Peddis said Bosa was still in its infancy and could evolve as it finds its feet.

He added: “At the moment it’s a project and things could change in a few months. We want to replicate our childhood experiences, but we have to keep people happy so if it doesn’t work we might have to change it.”