BurgerFuel, the New Zealand-based gourmet burger concept, is among the latest overseas better burger operator to examine plans to launch in the UK, M&C Report has learnt.

BurgerFuel operates c50 outlets in Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq and is set to launch in Egypt in the near future.

Alexis Lam, marketing manager at BurgerFuel Worldwide, told M&C Report: “We are always looking at opportunities around the world and, of course, the UK. Although we have nothing official to announce at present, I can confirm that we are certainly fielding any enquiries for the UK from organisations interested in master franchise agreements.”

BurgerFuel opened its first store in Auckland in 1995 and made its first move overseas in 2009 with an opening in the UAE. The company opened its 10th site in that country last week.

The concept is described as gourmet burger with fresher and more natural ingredients. The decor and brand imagery is based on the image of flames and the internal combustion engine.