Burger King, the fast-food giant, has announced plans to market an £85 burger in the UK. Following its Aberdeen Angus burger, the company will launch a new Kobe beef burger at restaurants in upmarket locations – currently believed to be in Kensington and Chelsea. The burger – which has been created by former Savoy chef and Burger King's Director of Burger Development and Innovation – will also include foie gras, truffles and a rare blue cheese. In recent years Burger King has been keen to market itself as home of the 'quality' burger in a bid to distance itself from the junk-food label. A spokesman for Burger King told M&C Report: "Burger King is the home of the quality best burger on the high street and is the only quick serve restaurant to use 100% Aberdeen Angus beef, certified by the Aberdeen Angus Society on its menu. "The new burger, which will potentially be the UK's most expensive, is an extension of our quality burger menu and reinforces our dedication and commitment to serving up the best quality ingredients for a range of different products." Kobe beef or Wagyu refers to several breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling and producing a high percentage of unsaturated fats. Japanese breeders feed the cattle on a diet of beer and sake. The hugely-popular meat can fetch up to $150 (£75)/lb on the US market. Earlier this month the fast food operator also announced plans to introduce a new restaurant concept called Whopper Bar – where its flagship burger would be made in front of customers to their own liking. In February the chain said that net income for the quarter rose to $49m (£24.6m) from $38m a year earlier. It recorded a quarterly revenue increase of 10% to $613m from $559m for the same period in 2007. Worldwide same-store sales were up 4.5%, while sales at established restaurants rose 4.2% in the US and Canada.