Bourgee Restaurants has announced it plans to open additional sites, after the sale of three of its sites earlier this month.

The company went into administration on 10 April with its restaurants in Southend-On-Sea, Chelmsford and Bury St Edmunds closing down. These site have now been sold to a new owner.

In a statement released by founding director James Welling and Mark Baumann, they said: “Despite exhaustive efforts to purchase and retain all venues, a way forward could not be agreed. As a consequence the ownership of these restaurants has passed to a new owner.

“We would like to reiterate that these units are no longer part of the Bourgee Restaurant brand, and will be trading under a new company name. They will have no association whatsoever with Bourgee or with us individually.

The company’s Bourgee Bites-Bar-Luxe Lounge at London Southend Airport remains open, with Welling and Baumann stating they would be announced news of new venues soon, with openings planned from summer onwards. “These venues will be entirely owned and operated by us as a duo, and will continue to build on the Bourgee brand, concept and delivery that has been so warmly received since launch in 2014.”