Steak and lobster concept Bourgee has confirmed its third opening will be in Bury St Edmunds.

As first revealed by MCA in September, the group will open next month in the recently restored Cupola House building.

Co-founder Mark Baumann said: “At Bourgee, we offer a premium dining experience that is accessible to everyone. We source produce from the very best suppliers, whilst our in-house team craft these expertly selected ingredients into deliciously creative dishes, all served in a warm, welcoming and luxurious setting.

“As we branch into a new county, our ambitions remain the same. We want to challenge consumer perceptions in East Anglia and show that customers can enjoy the ‘London dining experience’ without having to travel or suffer the over-inflated price tag.”

Fellow founder, James Welling said: “As a truly iconic British market town, filled with heritage and culture, Bury St. Edmunds provided an immediate draw for us to establish our third site. Although we naturally want to put a Bourgee spin on the new venue, we understand how important Cupola House is to the local community, and want to ensure we remain true to the historical architecture of the space.

“Our aim is to enhance the traditional aesthetics of the building, whilst giving the area a new restaurant concept that will hopefully help to boost the town for the better. We are recruiting from the local area, and will be hosting several events specifically for the community to ensure the residents come first. We look forward to welcoming those close to Bury St. Edmunds with open arms next month.

“We have had a huge wealth of success in Essex, but the move into another county shows the ‘affordable luxury’ concept is one that travels. We have further sites planned for 2017 and beyond, and are excited to have Suffolk as part of the next phase of our success story.”