Mexican cuisine has been named the most popular choice for families dining at home followed by Moroccan and fiery American BBQ according to research by Future Thinking.

As part of its annual grocery study the business research group found 72% of under 34s want to try new foods and products at home.

The study showed 30% of families had tried Mexican and 39% said they had an interest in it; followed by 27% who had eaten Moroccan at home, fiery American BBQ (27%), Middle Eastern (23%) and Japanese (25%).

The survey said the figures also indicate the growing popularity in Indonesian and Malaysian meals, while Brazilian and Korean could eclipse the popularity of Mexican food in the next 12 to 18 months.

Claudia Strauss, managing director of FMCG and Shopper at Future Thinking, said: Our research illustrates that Britain’s taste buds continue to seek new and exotic flavours as a way to recreate far flung holiday experiences and international celebrations. For manufacturers and retailers this presents exciting opportunities to offer consumers new and delicious ranges of world foods.”